Maria Conceição Costa Lourenço

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My name is Maria Conceição Costa Lourenço, I’m 63 years old and I live in Fortaleza -Ceará. I decided to learn some English about five years ago! Someone talked to me about Duolingo and I started to study ! Since then I’ve never stoped to do daily lessons! My biggest dificulty was speaking! I’m shy and I couldn’t think about speaking to someone in another language! However, four months ago I was invited by Duolingo to join to a conversation group! At first I hesitated but nowadays I can’t wait for our meetings! I’m more confident, my speaking is improving day a day and now I’m sure that I’m learning a new language! We talk about some things light, simple and even funny! Everyone in the group is friendly and it makes me feel really good!! I love beeing with them! I really recommend it!! Bye!!!!