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You live and learn…
When learning a new language, the statement above could not be more true! English Brazil was created with this philosophy, of providing a place where you don´t study the English language, you live it. Through our online activities, a daily normal routine is reproduced in coaching, well-being, entrepreneurship sessions, all of them in English. Along with the community sessions, conversation events are perfect for removing blocks and unlocking your speaking.

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English Brazil, where the concept of community is real!

We are an English Community, created to bring English to Brazil as a strong second language. We know that until we speak the language, we only know “about” the language. We are here to integrate English for Brazilians to use daily and to have fun too.
We engage in online activities to provide a culture of learning, thinking, and interacting with each other to help each other. We focus on Brazil to make us a country that is highly competitive in any way with English as a basis for business and travel.

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Innovative Ideas

We engage in Real Life English with our members, rather than focusing on book after book.

Learning Sessions

We have professionals host sessions to allow our members to immerse in topics of interest.

Active Community​

Our community of English Brazil is always full of meetings for our members to keep fresh with the language and to advance their English in a natural way.

Content and Platform


The group participants are



From 30 to 40 years


English students


Enjoy our sessions! Practice your English

Users and Professionals integrating our community and interacting in a vast variety of themes.

Do You Have Any Questions

Yes, we do accept payments with credit cards, debit cards and payments submitted through Paypal.

Yes, we do offer english level placement tests and certification exams. You can have more information on pricing and on how to apply to each of those services visiting our website,  on the top menu on the tab “online store”.

If you a required to use your english on your day-to-day job, we suggest you to join the Gold package. This package will give you the opportunity to practice more your english, engage with our community on a deeper level and be a part of the right environment in order to feel comfortable speaking english regularly.

You can enroll in any of the three packages we offer and after that you can request an assessment test in order to identify what is your english level, so we can better accommodate you in the proper group.

Please, contact EB’s leadership sending an email to schedule a call.

If you are already a gold member and you crave for more opportunities to improve your english, you can schedule a proficiency test. If you pass and certificate state that you are at least intermediate level, you can join the advanced level meetings.

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