About Us

Welcome to English Brazil

You live and learn…
When it comes to learning a new language, the above statement could not be more true! It was with this philosophy that English Brazil was born, as a place where the English language is lived, not studied. With your online activities, the daily life of a normal life is reproduced in coaching sessions, well-being, entrepreneurship … but all in English. In addition to community sessions, conversation events are perfect for reducing blockage and unlocking speech.
English Brazil, where the concept of community is true!

Our Commitment To Host A Cooperative Environment

We are an English Community, created to bring English to Brazil as a strong second language. We know that until we speak the language, we only know “about” the language. We are here to integrate English for Brazilians to use daily and to have fun too.
We engage in online activities to provide a culture of learning, thinking, and interacting with each other to help each other. We focus on Brazil to make us a country that is highly competitive in any way with English as a basis for business and travel.

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